Hello welcome to my Blogging Website.

My name is Kelzsy Lols. So you guys must be wondering that doesn’t sound like her real name. Telling you the truth, it is not my real name. I’m keeping my real name exclusive, I will eventually tell you later in life. I will briefly tell you a bit about my life and what I like shall we? Let’s go

I would be posting anything that caught my eyes. I love photography, art, abstract, food, Gosh don’t forget food.

But I will also share you a lot about my wicked interesting life.

I was born and raised in New Zealand, but now I live in Australia. Been living here for over 11 years now I think, I lost count. But I’ve been here so long.

I will be updating myself every week. I don’t know what day exactly but comment down below what day that you want me to post.

I also have social media like twitter, tumblr and Instagram. Follow me if you can. Just click one of those buttons down there.

Talk to you soon “Good Day”